Hurt Behind the Scars

HURTEvery scar I have on my body tells a little about who I am and what I’ve gone through, throughout my life. You might not understand it, but if you look over your own body I’m sure there’s a story of how and when your scars occurred.  Those are the scars that are seen.  Now, what about the scars that aren’t seen; the ones that you’re too embarrassed to talk about? The ones you are still hurting from or afraid of.  The ones you will not let anyone know how painful that hurt is behind the scar.


  • I didn’t want to be touched in that way, but I couldn’t stop it. My mouth was open… screaming, but no one could hear me say…Stop! That hurts!  ABUSED!


  • I wondered why I wasn’t raised with my siblings…what was wrong with me?  Was I not pretty enough?  Did I do something wrong?  That hurts! REJECTED!


  • When I was young, wanting to feel a part of my family and friends…I never could, because I was either talked about or made fun of.  That hurt! OSTRACIZED!


  • I remember walking in the backyard and stepping on a nail. Ouch! That hurt!   NEGLIGENT!


  • My failure, being made a public spectacle…Ouch! That hurt!  EXPOSED!


These are a few examples of areas in my life that have produced my scars; that I have never told anyone…hmmm, and its ok!  The fact that I’m writing about them tells me, that I am experiencing healing in those areas.  I thought keeping them to myself was the best thing.  I have learned that as I begin to deal with the hurt behind the scars, God begins to manifest His healing and wholeness within me; empowering me to share my life with you.  As I reflect, I can’t help but wonder how many people fail to deal with the hurt behind their scars.  Hidden behind the closed doors, hoping no one knocks causing them to open that door.  You don’t have to hide it anymore.  You can talk about it! You can have closure!  You can be healed!  You can be whole again!  God has the power and the will to do it.

There is a worship song that comes to mind; it says…“I am the God that healeth thee, I am the Lord your healer, I sent my Word and healed your disease, I am the Lord your healer.”

HURT2God never fails to remind me over and over that everything I’ve gone through from a child to adulthood was to help someone else; someone that may be afraid to face the hurt behind their scars.  Don’t allow the enemy to shut your mouth or keep you shackled and afraid.  Face your hurt and let your voice be heard, you may be screaming, and think no one is listening.  God is!  He hears you and is standing there with both arms open to hold you and remind you that “it will be OK!” Allow God to begin His healing in you. You never know how He plans to use you to be that listening ear, that shoulder, that confidant for some man, woman, boy or girl; to become the catalyst for which he uses to bring healing and wholeness into their lives.




  1. Keep up the good work, yes I will pray!

  2. Girl I read all your posts, but just HAD to comment on this one. So many times we keep things hidden. But when we bring them out in the open, not only do we receive healing, but the devil realizes that he no longer has a hold on us. Sweet victory! Thanks for this! Your ministry is going further than you’ve ever thought!

    1. Author

      Thanks Sherma! I was sitting down on Monday and God begin to speak to me and I begin to write. Was nervous after I read it, to submit it, however I knew it was time. people are hurting and need to know, that they can be healed and whole from everything that has tried to keep them captive. Love and appreciate you Sherma, continue to pray for us and the ministry!

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