The quiet moment when you’re standing in the mirror, checking out yourself, wondering am I beautiful, am I skinny and am I enough for the man I’m with?  Out comes a sigh and then an hmmm…resounding in your mind.  You turn sideways looking in that same mirror at theContinue Reading

Every scar I have on my body tells a little about who I am and what I’ve gone through, throughout my life. You might not understand it, but if you look over your own body I’m sure there’s a story of how and when your scars occurred.  Those are theContinue Reading

Why am I wrong for moving on with my life? I took the time necessary for me to move forward. Why should I be bound to what you think about me, after all I have been through?  I was down so low that the only way out was up.  IContinue Reading

    Am I safe with you when I allow you in my world, that you won’t turn against me and hurt me?  Am I safe with You? Am I safe with you, if one day it finally hits you that we are no more; you won’t be angry enoughContinue Reading

Thanksgiving! It has a different meaning to all of us.  In the United States we are fortunate to have a national holiday set aside, specifically for the occasion.   Originally an idea derived from Native and European tradition, the United States and Canada are the only countries where Thanksgiving is actuallyContinue Reading