Self Reflection




December, a month that provokes so much inner conversation and this year, I have been given an added dimension to my inner conversation…Pastor! As Pastor, I am faced with dual conversations; one that focuses on my individual relationship with God and the other, concerning those whom I shepherd.

As an individual, I purpose daily to hold my life accountable against the Word of God. My determination to grow spiritually is unhindered by what others decide to do within my circle of friends. I chose to walk in the Spirit of God. That does not mean, I am not tempted; but in my temptation I lean wholly on the Spirit to get me through and IF I fail, I immediately turn to God and repent. I must stay tuned into the Spirit of God and actively operate in the Gifts and the Power of the Holy Spirit. I must not waiver in my relationship with God, especially since I am given the charge to watch over the souls of those whom God gives me to shepherd. (Hebrews 13:17) My commitment is to serve God Alone!

As a Pastor, I am set as a Watchman. I find myself thinking of you often, praying for your success in all that you desire to do for the Kingdom of God. Pondering thoughts like…What have you encountered this year? What milestones have you reached? Have you accomplished all that you set out to do? How are you recovering from the failures you’ve encountered? The victories you obtained. Where are you heading, as it relates to your relationship with God? Are you in the same place as you were last year? I pray about your pursuit of God and your awareness of His presence in your life and family. I pray about your awareness of your Purpose and path of pursuit, to accomplish it. These thoughts are heavy upon me, for you.

What I realize is this… with all the inner conversations that are going on, with all the thoughts and questions concerning your lives; I must be honest with myself and with God knowing He knows everything. My whole heart desire is to please him, during my pursuit of Him. I want to experience everything He has purposed for my life and I want to see you experience the same. I must yield to the Holy Spirit within, to set me on the right path, so that I won’t follow what Willie or people want. I want to teach those who are a part of VOH Ministries, the Word of God mixed with Faith. I want them to experience the Holy Spirit and Fire; along with me and operate in the Power and the Anointing of the Holy Spirit, producing Signs and Wonders; so that the World will be drawn to Our Lord.

My focus for VOH Ministries is to provide an atmosphere where the manifestation of the Holy Spirit is actively working within the ministry. That will only come by admonishing the people of God to return to the Word of God. Encourage them to actively use their Faith and Declare the Word of God over every situation, believing and looking for the results that the scriptures say…nothing less! I will not tolerate stagnation. The kingdom of God is always moving forward and with that said; the believer must always be moving forward, in their Faith.

With only a few more days left in 2014, I’m praying that you are doing some soul searching yourself. The Body of Christ has wasted enough time. You have to rise and pursue God for your Kingdom Purpose and ask Him how that purpose ties into the Purpose of the Ministry you are a part of. Life will happen! Challenges will come! People will talk! Our enemy will still attack! We must NOT allow those things and many others, to stop us from Pursuing our God and living a life that is pleasing to Him!

I Love You and Pray God’s best blessing upon you and your family!

Be Blessed!

Pastor Willie Smith, Jr.