The quiet moment when you’re standing in the mirror, checking out yourself, wondering am I beautiful, am I skinny and am I enough for the man I’m with?  Out comes a sigh and then an hmmm…resounding in your mind.  You turn sideways looking in that same mirror at the stretch marks from gain weight, losing weight or having your babies. Rubbing your hands across your stomach while sucking it in to see how far you can hold it in, holding your arms up like a champ, but realizing the flab that hangs…out comes another sigh followed by an hmmm resonating in your mind again.


You see, the word of God says, we are made in the image and likeness of God and we are fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works. Why is it that, we see ourselves fat, ugly, missing something here and there, not accepting compliments, always doubtful of it and never being satisfied with what our Father God says about us. Instead, we turn on the television and begin to compare ourselves with singers, actors, performers, etc…we don’t have to, but we do.


Where does those insecurities come from? Maybe from a bad relationship/marriage, being molested, being bullied, parentless or never been told that you are beautiful and loved. Some of these things happened to me and I found myself losing control over my mind, not feeling good in my own body and not feeling beautiful most of the time.  I even tried to take my life a few times, because I felt worthless and “an accident” on this earth. Then…God!


God began to remind me of the BLOOD, that it still works and there’s forgiveness, healing, restoration, peace and love in the Blood!!  I began to take back control of my mind, my life, my body and ME!!  I began to read the Word and find out what my Father thinks and says about me…Yes me, His daughter Trina!!


I’m here today, because of Him.  I stand today, to tell you to stop comparing yourself to others, stop trying to fit into every circle you see and wearing things that don’t make you…You! Be YOU!  Take back control over your life and start living for GOD and for yourself, even if you have to walk alone, nothing is worth losing YOU!


  • Here is a song I found just for you…Enjoy!