Encouragement for My Brothers


I was riding into work today reflecting over all the things we as MEN are responsible for. Most of us do it without complaining and we don’t look for anyone to notice. We are driven by the desire to make things better for ourselves and our families; with the hopes of one day leaving a legacy that our children will appreciate and will not squander. We are responsible to make things happen, even when we may not know what to do next; yet the expectation is “we should know”. If we are in relationship with someone, the burden of keeping the important things important are constantly on our minds, hoping never to hear those words “what about me” and if it is not spoken, it may be evident by the “comments”, “attitude” or their distance. Now don’t think because you are single that you escape the need of being responsible. You have to keep yourself marketable, just in case one day you decide to invite someone into your world. You have to make sure the decisions you make as a single man, do not come back to haunt you, as a married man. Let’s face it; there is no one that can do the job of a man, but a man!

To all my brothers, those who are married, in a relationship or single; I want to take the time to say “Be Encouraged!”

I don’t care what it appears to others, what you believe and know is what’s important. You can only make the best decisions, based on the information at hand and If you ever get to the place where “you don’t know”, you should have someone that you can go to “in confidence” to seek advice and once given; apply what you can to your situation and make the best decision possible. Not knowing should never deter you from doing what you know to do and if you fail; get up, forgive yourself, ask for forgiveness and move forward.

Jesus said in Matthew 24:26 “…but of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.” That didn’t deter Him; He trusted that whatever the Father knew was good. Eventually He would know and based on that fact; He fulfilled what He knew He had to do.   So keep doing what you do, if it’s right to do! Don’t stop! Seek Wisdom and Understanding! Look to others for Help, when needed! Don’t get distracted by what the enemy sends your way; he only sends it to keep you from getting to where you need to go.

Forward Focus and Press through the Resistance…

We are Men and be Proud of it…!