You are Free



John 5:25: Verily, verily, I say unto you, The hour is coming, and now is, when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God: and they that hear shall live.”


I am called to awaken the dead.  To awaken those who have been entombed within the crypts of their past experiences.  How many years will go by that you will settle for this place in time and never make the move toward the place where you have seen and envisioned?  God has spoken it to you and confirmed it and yet, when you look back, you have not made any progress.  Yes they are things that happened in your life that caused you to go into a state of “pause”, but don’t you think it’s time to press the play button; the play button that will release you from the bondage of this place and make you free.  The longer you stay, the harder it is to press “Play”.

Gird up the loins of you mind, open your eyes and see this place for what it really is.  The atmosphere of this place causes you to revisit the things that brought you here, reminding you of the impact it had on you when you first experienced them.  The guilt, the pain, the grief, the tears, the images, the shame, the constant rewind of the memories, it all comes back to you.  The atmosphere also causes your faith to get weaker and the Word to have no affect on you, because you hear it and there are times you are moved by it…but your enemy “Satan” who rules “this place” always reminds you that it’s no use. It won’t change!  You can’t move.  This is a comfortable place, you like this place, you’re familiar with this place, why leave?  Changing will bring much turmoil in your life; people will talk about you.  Do you really want people to find out about your past, because it’s pretty bad?  Stay here with me, don’t leave, I like you…in fact I Love You!  Aren’t those the Words you’ve been waiting to hear?

Those famous 3 words; many people are manipulated with those words.  Manipulated into thinking things will be different and that things will change.  You begin resisting the Pull of that Next Place, giving in to the magnetism of this place, the romance and pleasure it provides.  Pleasure that only last for a short while and then you realize…it is still the same.  No change.  Not Different.  Same thing wrap in a different moment.  The cycle begins all over again.

Today is your day! I speak in the Power of the Holy Spirit. I come declaring freedom in your life.  The chains that have bound you are broken.  Broken from your heart! Broken from your mind!  Broken from Your Spirit!  I declare you will hear the voice of The Word of God, you will believe and your belief is springing you from the hold of that place.  I declare the walls to be destroyed, the barriers to be removed, the memories to seize and the Movie of your Past to cease.  I see the movie credits beginning to play in your life.  It is over and you are free!

John 8:36 says, If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed”

Truth makes you Free.  Free from the memories of the abuse. Free from the words that penetrated your spirit and caused you to devalue yourself.  Free from the shame of what happened.  You are no longer entranced, by the pull of that place. Free from the pain of not having your father in your life or your mother in your life.  Free from the gossip of people that have plagued your mind.  Free from the relationships that have drained you and changed you. Free from grieving over all of your loss. Free from the memories of adultery. Free from the feelings of abandonment! Free from Depression!  Anger! Bitterness!  Free from all your stress.  FREE!

Rom 8:28 says:  “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”

The sweetest Freedom is to know that what you have experienced has some type of benefit for you and if not for you, for someone else. In fact, it is hard to grasp the concept that anything difficult could possibly be something that God allowed in your life, to benefit you and the Greater Purpose in your life.  That greater purpose is “Your Purpose”.   I know you might say how God could allow traumatic experiences, divorces, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, spiritual abuse, foreclosures, bankruptcies, illnesses, miscarriages, etc. Well, there are those who will never experience them and there are those who will.  Both have its own advantages, but if He allowed you to experience it, then He has chosen you to be a giver of life and hope to those who also have and will experience it.  Your testimony will have deliverance tied to it and those who have experienced what you have; will be made free by your testimony. That’s the greater Purpose.  If God chose you to reach just one person or 1 million people; the steps you have walked will bring about the “working together for good” in you and the lives of whomever you touch.  You have been chosen and you are being equipped to fulfill your purpose.  I know it’s difficult, I know it took all the fight out of you, I know it hurt and sometimes the pain can be unbearable, but don’t resist what God will use to set the captive and the wounded free.  Your path may have been difficult, but the End Result is what matters!  The Purpose of God being fulfilled through and in your life.

Be Blessed.