What gives YOU the Right?



Today’s entry is stirred by the numerous news feeds I receive about Domestic Violence.  Not that I like reading negative subject matter, but when I read them; I can’t help but think that this is “A Mother’s Daughter” or  “A Daddy’s Little Girl”; that a man didn’t have enough heart to consider the impact their death would have on their family’s lives.  Many women and children are killed because a husband, step-dad, boyfriend or ex-boyfriend is angry that the relationship has ended.  They don’t even think about the children who are left behind.  The impact it will have on them, who will no longer have the love and influence of their mother; only the memory of their dad, step-dad, mother’s boyfriend, taking their mother from them.  What product do we hope to gain?

I am baffled at the number of men, who feel they have a right to do anything they want to to a person, when things don’t go the way they want or the way they had planned.  From husbands and boyfriends alike; Selfish and uncaring; thinking they can do these things to our daughters. Men, who were the best fathers to their children, when they were in the relationship; quickly become “dead beat Dad’s” once the relationship ends.  Won’t send any money to take care of their OWN children; trying to create an environment to make the woman feel, “she needs him!”  Angry, Bitter, Slanders!  Making an already difficult situation, more difficult!

I am saddened that this epidemic has been going on for years and I’m even more saddened that the laws to protect our women and children have failed them.  Police officials, receiving the complaints and filing them away, as if to say; “you don’t matter.” This has to change!  Is it possible to legislate the mindset and hearts of people?  Impossible!…so I chose to address the individuals involved.

I first make an appeal to every Man.  Get some help to deal with the ending of a relationship and the rejection that ensues.  Get hold of yoviolenceurself! Find a friend you can talk to, seek professional help or call me if you need to;  instead of allowing yourself to get so angry that you feel the only way to coop with it is to take a life, the children’s life or your own life.  The nerve of you my fellow man!  You lived without her before you had her in your life…so you can live without her after the relationship is over.  Deal with yourself!  Get hold of God!  Search him out!  God never gave you the authority over life; he never gave you the permission to take a life.  You are supposed to be the watchman on the wall, looking out for the enemy; not becoming the enemy.  Wake Up Men!  Wake up Husbands!  Wake up Fathers!

Secondly, I make an appeal to every woman.  Pay attention to the “Red Flags”, the “Ringing Bells”, the “Signals”.  Don’t pawn them off as irrelevant, thinking that it will change.  Sure it can change; but only when a man sees the need to change, comes face-to-face with GOD and makes the choice to change; with the accompanying signs.  Not Words; but actions! Over time, not short term!  Listen to the gut feeling, before you decide to have a relationship with a person, or a baby with a person.  The gut feeling you have, is usually right, trust it; it could be the very voice of God warning you. Don’t Ignore it!  You’re not desperate! Don’t sell yourself short.  Seek God for direction and Him Only.

If you find that every man you are involved with always ends up abusing you.  You need to take some time out to work on you, seek professional help to help you deal with the hurts you incurred during those relationships, get an understanding of the inner you, become healthy in your thinking. Then, if you chose to move forward in developing relationships, you can go into it healthy and whole.  Please don’t forget to consult God and His plan for your life.  You definitely can’t go wrong with that!

Well, I’m getting off my soap box now and I do realize that there is more to be written on this subject; perhaps another day.  I pray God’s peace upon you and your family.

Be Blessed!